Boehm 3

Children enrolled in the 3-year-old program are assessed for preschool / school age readiness through use of the Boehm 3. This assessment is tailored for children ages 3-5 years and measures 26 basic relational concepts relevant to the preschool and early childhood curriculum that are important for language and cognitive development. Basic relational concepts are words used to describe qualities of people or objects, spatial relationships, time and quantity.

BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screening Tool

The BRIGANCE is administered to children in the 4-year-old classrooms at the beginning, mid and end of the year in an effort to monitor your child’s growth over the course of time. The screening provides an assessment of skills that are critical predictors of school success, including physical development, language, academic/cognitive, self-help and social-emotional skills. 

Formative Assesments

Children in our 3-4 year classroom are evaluated according to age appropriate developmental benchmarks. Teachers assess their progress and a detailed report is sent home to parents.